Casino embezzler serves jail time

A Fallon woman who embezzled more than $31,500 from Dotty's Casino during a five-month period last year began serving a 30-day jail sentence after a judge made it clear that she will serve the time as a condition of probation.

At a recent probation violation hearing, Judge Archie Blake ordered Sherry Ann Lewis, a former slot machine manager, to report to jail over the weekend.

Lewis, 47, who is also a former Lovelock tribal police officer, was jailed Dec. 2 on several probation violations. At a hearing Dec. 21 she admitted she hadn't served any of the jail time and didn't cooperate with the Division of Parole and Probation.

Defense attorney Paul Drakulich told Judge Blake that Lewis paid $1,500 toward restitution and $150 in supervision fees the day of the hearing. Until that day, she had only paid back $250.

When Lewis was sentenced in June, she was ordered to pay $400 a month in restitution and spend 30 days in jail on her days off as conditions of probation. A 12-32 month prison term was suspended. The defendant was placed on probation for five years.

"At the beginning it was because it was hard to get in. I lost the job I had when I seen you last because I was depressed," Lewis said. "I finally got out of it and got the job I have now. I apologize to you. I did not mean to disrespect you or the court."

Drakulich said Lewis is working six days a week at SMI Joist and expected to continue on that schedule all winter. He suggested his client give her probation officer a copy of her work schedule so the jail time could scheduled in-between work hours.

"She starts her jail time now - this weekend," Judge Blake said.


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