Sixth generation opens eyes to life at Carson-Tahoe Hospital

The sixth living generation of a Carson City family came into being Wednesday at 11:11 a.m., weighing 7 pounds and measuring 20 inches from her head to her heels.

Trinity Anne Winnona Ezell's little sneeze Thursday afternoon was met with a chorus of ooohs from a small crowd of family and friends hovering over mother and child at Carson-Tahoe Hospital.

The infant struggled to lift her eyelids and look up at Mom -- favoring her left eye.

"What's up with this one-eye thing?" asked her mom, Samantha Ezell, 16.

"You have it, too," said Samantha's mom, Alisha Ezell. The new mother gave a fluttering one-eye glance and a smile to her mom. Then she blew softly on the infant's pink face.

Four of the six generations were represented: baby Trinity; her mother, Samantha; grandma Alisha; and great-great grandma Reta Tissue.

There are so many moms in the family they refer to each other by their number.

Numbers "three" and "one" couldn't make it to the hospital Thursday. They are Alisha Ezell's mom, great-grandma Jewel Jones and great-great-great grandmother Winnie Andersen, who's at home on oxygen.

Alisha said Anderson wouldn't agree to a photograph until she's had her hair permed.

"And she's 92 so she gets to do whatever she wants."

Trinity's father, 16-year-old Keith Roach, gave his daughter her first bath.

"It was ..." he struggled to think of the word. "Amazing. Overwhelming. Almost like you wanted to cry, but it was joy."

Doctors performed a C-section on Samantha when the baby's heart rate started dropping.

"Each contraction made the baby's heart rate drop," said Alisha. She said the epidural shot given to her daughter made her sleepy so she couldn't push the baby out.

"They had to wake her up to push. If we had waited for her to push, the baby would have been in there like two more hours, and that wouldn't have been good."

After the C-section, doctors X-rayed the baby to make sure everything was OK.

"The X-ray came back perfect -- she looked great," said Alisha.

The family has lived in Carson City since 1958, when they moved from Sand Point, Idaho.

Four generations of the family were featured in a Nevada Appeal article in 1976 when three of them worked at the Carson Nugget.

Alisha Ezell, who was 6 at the time, is the first generation not to work at the Carson Street casino.

"I broke the family tradition," she said.

Samantha Ezell, Roach and Trinity will live with her father, Brian Ezell. The teens are both Carson High School students, though she may transfer to Pioneer High School, which has on-site babysitting.

Six generations ages 92 years to 2 days living in Carson City

Generation Name Age

1st Great-great-great- grandma Winnie Anderson 92

2nd Great-great-grandma Reta Tissue

3rd Great- grandma Jewel Jones

4th Grandma Alisha Ezell

5th Mom Samantha Ezell

6th Baby Trinity Ann Winnona Ezell 2 days


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