Teacher reprimanded for remarks, school goes on

Carson High School Principal Glen Adair said an inappropriate comment from a math teacher following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks has been handled and now he wants to move on.

"All the good things we do and after one flip comment, they mean nothing," he said. "It all goes away in one stupid moment."

Adair has been fielding questions from the media after a caller on Rusty Humphrey's radio show complained about a remark made in class.

According to Adair, a student commented he wished one of the terrorist planes would have hit the White House and killed the president. The teacher responded that it would have been better a few years ago when Bill Clinton was still in office.

"It was just a flip, not well-thought-out stupid comment by two people," Adair said. "Is she sorry? Yes. The teacher is very regretful."

The conversation happened at the beginning of class on Sept. 11 and, Adair said, few students heard the exchange.

One student was offended and after her parents talked to Adair, she was transferred from the class.

Adair said the situation was resolved by Sept. 13 with "fairly serious" disciplinary action taken against the teacher.

The exact action cannot be released because personnel issues within the school district are confidential.

"We are taking appropriate action," said Superintendent Mary Pierczynski. "We are not taking it lightly. We are taking it very seriously."

But the teacher will not lose her job.

"Teachers, like anybody else, say things without thinking about it," Pierczynski said. "There was no intent one way or the other. Everybody makes mistakes."

Vice Principal Fred Perdomo said the comments are not a reflection of the school's policy.

"We're as patriotic as every American," he said. "It's not what we're all about and that's not what our teachers are all about."


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