Parents to head to school with kids

More than a thousand parents and students plan to hit the pavement first thing Monday morning.

"I think it's important for the environment for people to get out of their cars and walk," said mother Deanna Fine. "It's a good way to spend time with your kids, too."

As part of Walk-Your -Child-to-School Day, parents are encouraged to leave their cars at home and walk with their kids to school.

"The real focus here is on walking," said Kelly Clark. "It is a fun, safe, healthy way to get to school. We want parents to see that walking is easy. It reduces pollution, traffic jams and it's good for kids."

Clark helped organize the event as a board member of Muscle Powered, Citizens for a Walkable, Bikable Carson City.

The committee was formed more than two years ago to petition city officials about the importance of pedestrian access to the streets and the multi-use path to accompany the freeway.

Members of the committee met with representatives from the various elementary schools to organize the walking day.

Fine, president of Mark Twain Elementary's parent-teacher association, walks her 6-year-old daughter Morgan to school every day.

"I feel like I'm a walking advertisement for this," she said.

Mayor Ray Masayko signed a proclamation Monday declaring Oct. 2 the official Walk-Your-Child-to-School Day.

"I think it's a good idea both for exercise and for the safety of the school kids," he said. "I always support a good idea. This is a good, positive program."

Throughout Carson City, 1,200 parents and their children signed up to walk to school. Clark expects more to sign up during the week.

Participants will receive a treats bag upon arrival at the schools and will be fed a breakfast through the Department of Nutrition.

The day was funded through a $3,500 grant from the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety.


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