Bartering book takes cash out of transactions

A plumbing problem in Jim Baesman's basement was the inspiration for a new Carson City business venture.

After a half-hour of work by a plumber, and $200 spent, Baesman figures it would have been worth his while to barter his services for a labor trade rather than shelling out the cash.

Apparently, it is a sentiment shared by more than a handful of local retailers and tradespeople. In just a couple of months the painter-turned-printer has compiled a local goods and service directory and plans to release it this week for business people interested in bartering.

Inside the book, titled "Why Use Cash When You Can Barter," are the names of 46 businesses interested in pursuing trades in lieu of cash. Baesman hopes the book, 18 pages thick and priced at $7, will catch on with new updates every few months and a greater variety of advertisers.

"Hypothetically, let's say you are a mechanic and you need a landscaper," he said. "You could trade your services.

"Instead of putting out that cash, you can save those taxes and that money."

Initially, Baesman hopes to distribute and update the books four times a year, charging $25 for businesses to be included. By early next year, if the idea catches on in his hometown of Carson City, he plans to expand, moving into the Reno market and beyond.

"I haven't got one bad response from the people I've talked to," he said. "I am hoping to get up to a couple hundred people. It's perfect for mom-and-pop businesses and the public."

To learn more about the books call Baesman at 246-7596.


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