Mom and sons show patriotism

When 7-year-old Levi Minor noticed the flags missing that lined Lone Mountain Cemetery, he asked his mother if she knew who had stolen from the angels.

She didn't. But she thought of a way to replace them.

Crystal Minor talked to each of her three sons' teachers at Dayton Elementary School and asked them to help. Each of the classes made American flags, laminated them and attached them to small wooden poles.

Minor and her three boys Levi, T.J., 9, and Christopher, 5, hung the flags along the fence facing Roop Street on Saturday as drivers honked their horns and passers-by waved in support.

"Even though this isn't a lot, we felt it was the least we could do to show our support," Minor said. "I just felt really bad about what happened."

The boys took turns climbing on their grandmother's shoulders to hang the flags. But Barbara Scott didn't mind the added weight.

"It was worth it," she said. "We had to show our support and our patriotism. We're proud to be Americans."

Friend Alisha Geordge also came to help put out the flags.

"I think they're doing really good," she said. "They're showing what they can do for this country."

At each end of the fence, they hung letters explaining why they replaced the flags.

"These flags are not only a symbol of America, our country, and what our country is about, but they stand here tall and proud in memory of all the heroes who were in a battle for our country before the rest of America knew it was coming," read the letter. "For those heroes who lost their lives and went from all-time heroes to angels."

Minor is also sponsoring a local pennies and teddy bears campaign.


To donate to the pennies and teddy bear drive bring donations to Vitamin Research Products at 3579 E. Highway 50, suite 207.


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