Supreme Court orders study of state's jury systems

Nevada's Supreme Court has named two of its members to a Jury Improvement Commission charged with finding ways to make Nevada juries work better.

Justices Deborah Agosti and Bob Rose are two of 15 named to the commission. It will meet this week in Las Vegas and Sept. 28 in Reno to start the process.

"Citizen juries are a bulwark of our democracy," said Rose. "The courts have an obligation to make jury service as meaningful and easy as possible."

Agosti said the purpose is to "make the jury system better for the justice system and make jury service less of a burden for those who serve." She said it would examine all aspects of jury selection and service including the amount jurors are paid and who should be exempt from serving.

Rose pointed out that, at present, jurors are paid just $15 a day for their service.

The public is invited to submit written comments, suggestions and questions to the Administrative Office of the Courts. But they said working sessions of the commission will not be open to the public.


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