Anti-virus software company coming to Dayton

A Dayton-based company is operating on the belief that computer security is as important to the global economy as physical security is to human lives.

While last week's terrorist attacks on New York and Washington demonstrated vulnerability to attacks, terrorists could also shake world markets by disrupting computer networks.

It is a sad reality that drives Doug Cottle and Kevin Elder, founding members of Secure Resolutions Inc. The Dayton-based company is looking to break into the anti-virus software business with a package they say is unparalleled in the industry.

With a team of 15 programmers, managers and salespeople, Cottle and Elder say they are close to releasing a test version of anti-virus software that allows the company to administer firewalls using the Internet.

"Today's shrink-wrap anti-virus software isn't doing the job," Cottle said. His resume includes management positions at software giants Macafee, Dr. Solomon and Datawatch. "When you go out and buy one of these packages, you're instantly six months behind."

Because new viruses are sent out using the World Wide Web and e-mail on a daily basis, patches must constantly be downloaded and distributed among computers that could be infected. There is also a mechanism that removes old, outdated software from computer desktops. For large companies, the investment in time for computer management can be significant.

Secure Resolutions proposes instead to manage anti-virus protection through a secure Internet connection. Instead of information technology staff doing the leg work of downloading and updating each networked computer, patches are installed throughout a network instantaneously.

"I can have a company of 500 or 500,000 computers use this," Cottle said. "Once it's on a desktop, an IT manager can say 'Now it's plugged in. I can forget about it.'"

Additionally, the software will manage virus penetration with daily updates, giving IT staff reports on company computer security. "You'll be able to see from an IT standpoint where the viruses are coming from," Cottle said.

Cottle, president and chief executive, and Elder, vice president and chief financial officer, chose Dayton as a launch point because of the growing local technology market, and a government startup loan of $3.1 million.

Also, millions are being raised through venture capitalists, giving the company a strong foundation from which to launch. A-series funding closes this week.

Cottle has spent most of his professional life in Portland, Ore., while Elder worked for years in local banking.

Cottle plans to release the test version of the software by December, with a worldwide launch next year. The company hopes to do business initially in 13 countries. Cottle said the testing will be done with companies and government agencies with large computer networks.

Unlike some of the shrink-wrap software packages, customers will pay a monthly fee for Secure Resolutions Managed ASP Anti-Virus security. Prices will be a few dollars per computer based on the number of computers employing the software.

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