Trustees approve $1 million in bond money

Carson City's new regional medical center started to take shape Thursday when Carson-Tahoe Hospital's board approved $1 million in future bond money toward design services and a contract for the purchase of 19.8 acres from Silver Oak Properties.

Carson-Tahoe officials will spend between $2.6 million and $2.8 million for the property, pending appraisals and environmental testing.

Chief Executive Officer Ed Epperson said officials want to make sure they have plenty of room for expansion, and this parcel is one of the keys.

"We needed to secure this property first, before determining whether the purchase of the Children's Home property is feasible," he said. "We want to make sure we can use this property for a long time."

The acreage is part of 65 acres just north of Eagle Valley Ranch Road, named as the first choice for construction of the new center. A contract for the larger piece of property, owned by Eagle Valley Children's Home, is still being negotiated.

Both proposals came up against some opposition. Building Committee member Jim Kiernan expressed misgivings about the site, saying the property lines up with Carson City's airport runway. Dr. Basil Chryssos resisted approval of $1 million for design and architectural fees, saying he doesn't object to the amount but the process.

"A committee has been formed and a decision made without my input," Chryssos said. "With nothing more than two pages of information, you expect me to approve this action. That's not fair to me."

The measure was resubmitted with the provision that design contracts return to board members at their next meeting in two weeks. The measure passed the finance committee with one voting against. Trustee Jo Saulisberry believes the process is moving too quickly.

"I wouldn't design and build a house on property I don't own," she said.


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