Some odd laws still on the books

According to the September issue of Nevada Sporter, a publication for Nevada Division of Wildlife outdoor education instructors, these odd laws are still on the books in various states:

-- California: It's against the law to peel an orange in your hotel room.

-- Connecticut: Restaurants must provide separate nose blowing and non-nose blowing sections.

-- Georgia: It is illegal in Atlanta to tie your giraffe to a telephone pole.

-- Georgia: It is against the law to dress a mannequin without shutting the window shades.

-- Illinois: In Chicago, you can not wear your pajamas while fishing.

-- Kansas: You can not serve a scoop of ice cream with cherry pie.

-- Louisiana: It is illegal to gargle in public.

-- Maine: It's against the law to walk down the street with your shoes untied.

-- Nebraska: It's illegal to spit against the wind (Editor's note: And, not very wise).

-- Utah: Birds have the right of way on highways.


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