School to remain in session, board met and open houses still on

As news spread of terrorist attacks on the United States, Seeliger Elementary School's principal tried to keep her students thinking positively.

"We especially want to focus on our school motto, 'Kindness always,' and how they can help change the school, the community and the world by getting rid of hate," Principal Laurel Terry said. "There's been some fright but I'm trying to redirect their thinking back to a sense of normalcy in these tragic times."

She instructed teachers to discuss the terrorist attacks with students if the subject arose but to also discuss the good things that are happening in the world.

Schools throughout Carson City remained open Tuesday despite the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

"We think the responsible thing to do is to go ahead and have school and just keep our eye on what's going on," said Director of Operations Mike Mitchell. "There's no way we can cancel school once we're in the mode to open and the kids are on the way. You can't turn them around and send them home."

Teachers and administrators worked to maintain a calm atmosphere at the schools.

Lee Conley, assistant principal at Empire Elementary School, said they tried to stick as closely to the regular schedule as possible.

"We still have a school to run," he said. "We are trying to focus on academics and keep it on track."

Mitchell said the schools were advised to look for anything or anyone suspicious but nothing was found.

"We have not taken any extraordinary precaution," he said.


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