Couple blasting into Carson City market

Carson City resident Todd Pardini's career change has him giving up one kind of gun for another.

The former Nevada Gaming Commission law enforcement officer started a dry paint-stripping business in North Carson City, and is now wielding a spray gun.

"I figured I had enough and was ready to move on," Pardini said of his 13-year career that spanned from the Las Vegas to Reno bureaus. "Besides, I've always had an interest in cars."

For a month now Pardini, with the help of his wife, Cindy, has been busy establishing a relationship with contacts, and has even had a few jobs, including stripping a 1944 Ford in preparation for a renovation.

The technology Pardini employs makes his business a departure from traditional sandblasting.

Instead of sand, particulate plastic is sent by compressed air through a hose, then applied to the surface. Pardini said sandblasting requires higher pressure for a smaller dispensed volume. The less-abbrassive plastic hits the surface at a higher volume and low pressure.

The difference is visible in surfaces prepared for painting. A the end of a dry stripping preparation, there is no pitting, and the metal is ready for immediate paint application.

And the plastic particulate can be used on fiberglass surfaces unlike sand blasting.

"The secret is in the hardness of it," Pardini said, running it through his fingers. "It's not as hard."

Inside a new shop at 5055 Metric Way, the Pardinis set up a booth similar to a paint booth, as well as a large scale compressor system. Dry stripping requires a 50-horsepower air compressor. The equipment came from the shop of a friend that decided to stop offering the blasting service.

Pardini said TAP Dry Stripping can work on anything from the most delicate surfaces, like those used on aircraft fuselage, to coarse surfaces like cooking grills or wrought iron.

For stubborn rust, Pardini can use a metal-blasting process.

TAP Dry Stripping can be reached at 883-2121.


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