Anyone want a yearbook?

Editor's note: This article was compiled from stories written by Carson High School's Newspaper Class.

Cluttering the entry way to a set of classrooms in Carson High School's Language Arts Department are more than 40 boxes of old Carneta yearbooks.

The books range from those published in 1985 to the present.

Because of classroom renovations, there is no place left to store them, so the high school is trying to find new homes for the books rather than throw them away.

Before the room change, Patt Quinn-Davis, who teaches yearbook, newspaper, English III and Rhetoric, said the books lined the walls in one of her two classrooms. Now that the classes have been consolidated into one classroom and computer space, there is no place for the books.

"I thought about throwing them away, but then I thought about all the yearbooks I have lost and that there are many former students from Carson High School who might like these yearbooks," Quinn-Davis said.

She said other places might want yearbooks too, like libraries and businesses.

The reason there are so many old yearbooks is because sometimes the students just didn't pick them up. Other times, more books were ordered than students bought. One year, the books were late and didn't come until summer. A lot of people didn't pick them up that year.

Besides the boxed books, there are also limited supplies of yearbooks even older than 1985.

For the next few weeks, Carson High School yearbooks from past years will be sold for $1 or a donation. All money from the books will go into the yearbook fund to help publish this year's book.

Anyone interested may contact Quinn-Davis at 775-283-1655.

What: Carson High yearbooks back to 1985

Cost: $1 or donation

How: Call 775-283-1655


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