Lamplighter Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The joint was jumping at noon Saturday as about 30 patrons, mostly regulars, bellied up to the bar at the Lamplighter Lounge to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The balls were cued up on the pool table, the lights were low and the juke box was playing. Red and white crepe paper circled the ceiling and just over the bar a simple sign commemorated the event, which included a free buffet at 2 p.m.

Topaz Ranch Estates resident Stan Vienneuve was playing pool between drinks.

"I've been coming here a long time and I like picking on the bartenders," he said. "Everyone knows me."

"Ruel" didn't share his given name, but looked almost collegiate in a yellow T-shirt, cropped blonde hair, a pair of wire-rimmed glasses and a smile that showed a big dimple on his cheek. He said he comes in once in awhile because he has a place nearby.

The Lamplighter is located at 260 W. Winnie Lane.

"I enjoy coming. You can leave your change at the bar and no one will mess with it," he said. "And they're more likely to take care of you here if there's a problem."

His main complaint, the pool tables that are front and center at the Lamplighter need work.

With four teams organized for the city-wide tournament that starts in September and ends in March, pool is big at the Lamplighter. Highlight of the season comes with the Bill Nelson Overall Pool Shooter tournament, where the best of the best compete for the trophy that the Lamplighter sponsors.

Manager Mike Hughes was busy setting up the buffet. He said the place sees both good and bad times and each shift has its own clientele.

"The neighborhood and retired people come in during the day and the workers usually come in on swing shift," he said. "The wild crowd usually comes in during the graveyard shift."


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