High school homecoming encouraging alumni involvement

DAYTON -- It may seem like just yesterday to those who proudly witnessed the opening of their new hometown high school, but next year will mark Dayton High School's 20th birthday.

Some say it is now time to seriously begin organizing an alumni association.

Dayton High School librarian Dianne Remington is leading the effort to get the program off the ground. One of three teachers remaining at the school since its inception, she sees the upcoming fall homecoming weekend as a great opportunity to get a core group together to plan for next year's 20th anniversary festivities.

"It will be hard, but we have to start somewhere. I think we are finally 'old enough' to start organizing serious alumni activities and we would really like to see a large turnout for the event. Homecoming is really for alumni," she said. "We need to start recognizing classes and individuals that have done neat things with their lives, helped the school or made special marks in the world."

"Alumni involvement helps boost pride in a school and would give a positive sense of who we are. When students see what their predecessors have achieved it shows them Dayton graduates can be as successful as anyone else."

She noted booster clubs tend to come and go, depending upon the enthusiasm and involvement of the parents of the current group of students, and an alumni association would add more stability and continuance to school-wide, fund-raising efforts.

"Perhaps there are former students who would like to do something for their school. This would give them an official organization to work through," she said.

There will be a registration table and memorabilia for all alumni during the homecoming activities which begin Tuesday and end Saturday. Alumni will be recognized during half time of the football games on Friday and are invited to attend the homecoming dance Saturday.

For information, call Dayton High School at 246-6240.

When the old high school closed in the late 1950s and until the new school was opened, high school students attended Carson High School. The community's burgeoning growth is reflected in the size of the school's graduating classes. Drawing students from Silver City to Stagecoach, an original graduating class of 18 has grown to a projected 158 for the class of 2002. When completed in 2002, Stagecoach students will attend the new Silver Springs High School.

Teachers remaining from the initial staff in addition to Remington, include English teacher Janna Stone and science teacher Sue Moreda.

The school opened under the direction of Principal Don Dirks. Daryl Hart, Dennis Baker, Maurice Moyle, Pat Haller, Glen Hill, Dave Regalado and current Principal Teri White have followed.

What: Dayton High School Alumni registration

When: Tuesday-Saturday

Where: Dayton High School

Information: 246-6240.


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