High court slaps Washoe judge for handling of case

The court reinstated a petition by a man convicted of making bomb threats, saying Adams ignored Supreme Court orders to file an explanation of his rulings in the case.

Adams summarily denied the petition for a writ by Richard Borg, who challenged his conviction on four grounds. The ruling didn't offer any explanation and failed to deal with one of the four issues.

The high court sent the case back to Adams on March 2, asking that he enter specific findings of fact and conclusions of law explaining his denial of the habeas petition in Borg's case within 20 days.

They got no response and sent another order directing Adams to enter a written order explaining his ruling on June 4.

"Without specific findings of fact and conclusions of law, this court is unable to determine the basis for the district court's decision," the high court order states.

"This court is disturbed by the district court's failure to comply with this court's orders entered on March 2, 2001 and June 4, 2001 directing the district court to enter an amended written order containing specific findings of fact and conclusions of law and resolving the entire habeas corpus petition," the high court ruling says.

The order signed by justices Miriam Shearing, Deborah Agosti and Bob Rose sends Borg's case back to Adams for a complete review and orders him to explain why he failed to respond to the Supreme Court within 20 days.

Adams is on vacation and could not be reached.


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