City starts tree planting program

Carson City officials are hoping to dig up some residents interested in planting trees.

Using about $10,000 of Question 18 money, city officials are hoping to encourage Carson City residents to support a program that will allow property owners to plant a tree in the city's right of way, which generally extends seven to 10 feet from the edge of local streets.

Under the Street Tree Program, a property owner will pay for a tree, the type of which has to be approved by the city to make sure it is the right tree for its area. The city will pay to have it properly planted.

For up to two years the city will also have its arborist do periodic checks to make sure the tree is healthy. The property owner will be responsible for maintaining the tree.

Trees can be planted in either May or October annually. To plant a tree in October, you must apply for the program by Sept. 14. To plant in May, the deadline is March 31.

City Parks Superintendent Scott Fahrenbruch said the city has removed a lot of hazard trees lately with no mechanism in place to replace them. This offers one way to replace those trees, but also offers an opportunity to improve the city's urban forest.

The city is asking for residents to pay for the trees because they hope those who have a monetary investment in the tree will better take care of it, Fahrenbruch said.

The 1996 Quality of Life Initiative allowed for a street tree program and other public landscaping enhancements.


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