Proper mechanics of golf swing

Many of my students come for a lesson when their game has gone south - they report that they have lost their swing and must be doing something terrible.

Sometimes they are right. They have a clear, fundamental technique flawthat is causing the problems and needs to be corrected. In many cases the problem is much more subtle. An important part of the golf swing is that the arms and body work together in a synchronized motion; the arms and body

should swing at the same pace and work as one.

A common flaw in the golf swing is that either the arms outpace the body or the body moves faster than the arms. This causes inconsistency in ball striking. Since a swing in which the arms and body are not in conjunction with one another lacks rhythm

and coordination, the swing also has poor balance. These faults are often mistaken for swinging too fast.

An excellent drill to match the arms and body together in a synchronized motion is to take a pitching wedge and hit balls with a short swing, approximately belt high back and forward. Emphasis should be placed on the finish position of this drill, at the point where the club is level with the ground. The body should be facing the target with the right knee alongside

the left. The right heel should be up with the sole of the shoe facing directly away from the target.

This is a great drill but is not easily mastered; persevere and master this drill and you will develop a coordinated and balanced swinging motion.

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