Pay attention to your fundamentals

Is your game not where you want it to be? The reason for this can often be traced to the fact that the fundamentals are being ignored for something seemingly more important. Here some great tips that incorporate the true fundamentals of the golf swing and get us away form trying the hocus pocus that seems to work for a shot or two but is not sustained improvement.

Check your finish position. At the end of the swing the body should be facing the target and balanced, great practice for all golfers.

Let your head move where the body takes it. Don't try to keep it still.

Let your wrists hinge naturally, do not try to cock them or roll them over.

The swing does not change for the tee shots; the different club creates the subtle variations.

The swing for the short shots is the same as the swing for full shots, simply a shorter version.

Swing the putter back and forth equal distance; to hit the putt further simply lengthen the swing going back and forward.

Don't listen to friends or spouses. Their two cents worth is usually value for money!

Don't try to control the speed of your swing, instead focus on rhythm and balance.

Do not try all of these things at once, finding the one that fits your game and sticking with it is the way to improve your golf for the long haul.

Terry Gingell is Eagle Valley Golf's Head Golf Professional. Now taking sign ups for Junior Sports Camps, Junior Golf Camps and adult group and private lessons. For more information call Terry at 887-7174.


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