Letter to editor: thanks

Every year I am blessed with individuals in our community who are willing to take time out of their busy schedules and come into my classroom to speak with my U.S. government classes. These classes are seniors who are on the cusp of entering the work world, and they need information that will assist them one day in their daily lives. Speaking from experience, it is very difficult to find people who will come in and speak about their area of expertise - and provide these young people much needed information.

In this letter I will recognize several people who have gone beyond the "norm" and recognized the value and importance of these young people.

Vernon McCarty, the Washoe County coroner, has always played a key role when we were studying the judicial process and police investigations. He addresses police investigations, criminal evidence, the need for good evidence collection for the prosecution, and encourages young people to pursue careers in this area of expertise.

Dustin Boothe, of the Carson City Health Department, spoke to students about the mission of the health department and the goal of protecting our citizens. Needless to say, it is a scary time for these young people, and if they think about their actions and their health - especially high risk behavior such as non-regulated or unsafe body adornment - then the visit is worth its weight in gold.

Our trip to the Nevada Legislature is always made easier and more enlightening by Assemblywoman Bonnie Parnell, Assemblyman Joe Dini and Sen. Mark Amodei. I noticed quite a few swelled chests when these students were recognized in the general session - and believe me, there were quite a few discussions and references in class about their visit.

One real treat during our trip to the Nevada legislature is being able to stop in (literally) and have Secretary of State Dean Heller introduce them to his functions as Secretary of State. The students were especially impressed with the fact that our state officers were still easily accessible. I appreciate the time he took out of his schedule to give them a wonderful tour.

Justice of the Peace John Tatro and Sheriff's Sgt. Kurt Davis made our trip to the Carson City Courthouse and the Carson City Sheriff's Office very informative. Both of these men were extremely frank and informative about their jobs and their roles in society. These two men have always been long-time supporters of what we are trying to teach our students.


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