Letter: Nevada's Prostitution story

Perhaps you should consider putting a brown wrapper on your newspaper and selling it from the same rack that all of the other pornographic material is sold from. In my opinion, your newspaper has stepped over the line with your article on "Nevada's Prostitution."

This was not a news article but rather premium advertisement for "the business."

I will admit that I read the article because I figured that there was something newsworthy in it. I was so wrong. Since when is it news for you to advertise how much the house and the prostitute made for a two and a half hour session? Since when is it news to disgust the readers with information such as what activities took place on the owner's birthday or the fact that his wife "occasionally entertains the customers!"

I don't care to have the knowledge of their personal lives nor do I care to know about the prostitutes' lineups, negligees, Avon ladies, trucker customers, etc. What is with the picture on the front anyway?

How tacky can one so-called newspaper get? I think the thing that bothers me the most is that you are printing this type of "article" and you are in an educational partnership with the students of this town. You have promoted reading your newspaper by supplying them to the schools so the children can be involved in the news.

You are not living up to your responsibilities to the children by printing this type of material. Granted the schools are not in session but many of the students of this town have gotten into the habit of reading your paper whether school is in session or not.

I believe you owe the parents of students in this community and other community members who were offended by this article a huge apology. Before anyone starts to respond by citing the fact that if I didn't like something then I shouldn't have read it, let me save you the time. I thought that I was purchasing a respectable newspaper not smut. Had I known what was in the article I would not have wasted my money. Please Nevada Appeal, clean up your act!


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