Letter: Critical department directors

The concept of critical department directors is argumentative. The consensus letters have stated that the readers do not believe that the concept of double dipping should be permitted. I suggest that double dipping be only accepted reluctantly and then only with severe time constraints

If we are to accept the proposition that there are some critical positions for which there is no viable (internal) departmental candidates and therefore a retired person must be selected for the position (ergo double dipping), then let us change that situation. It should be filled for a limited period and then an internal candidate selected to fill that position.

The double dipper who is hired for such a position must be required to nominate at least two and not more than three candidates for the position.

Then after having provided these names to the Governor, the double dipper must began a mentoring program. Reports would be due to the Board of Examiners every quarter so that the Governor can be assured that the position need not be filled beyond the finite period. One year of such staffing should be the optimum, while two years would be the maximum. If none of the internal candidates can develop the necessary skills within that time, then the position should be staffed outside the agency.


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