Your two cents: wild horses

I just want to let people know they should leave the horses alone. They're wonderful. They're beautiful. They come up in my yard every other night. They lay on the lawn and sleep. They don't damage anything. They just come up and eat the grass. They don't eat the bushes. They're just beautiful animals and they need to be left alone. They're gorgeous.

If people don't want to see the wild animals, the horses, the deer, the coyotes and eagles and stuff, they shouldn't live where they do. They should build a house somewhere else. They're too incredible to try and get rid of. They've been around. There aren't a whole lot of them left and I just have a problem with people who don't want them in their yards when they were there first.

Debbie, Carson City

No I don't. They're a part of our country and to adopt them out, I heard what they do to adopted horses, which is really a shame. If they're a problem and you move into their area, you should know that when you move in, you're going to have wild horses and you should try to live with them. Put a fence around and try to help. They're coming down for water. They're just thirsty, part of nature. Leave the wild horses alone.

Penny, Carson City

I don't think they're a nuisance. I think there are more things around that are what you call a nuisance. They have been here for a long time, and I think that's the beauty of Carson City and the beauty of Nevada, and I think nothing should be done about them except to leave them alone. Leave them in the hills. Don't try to adopt them out becuase they just end up in the slaughter house.

Joan, Carson City

I'm sitting here having breakfast, and they're absolutely beautiful. I think they should be left alone. It's their land and we really enjoy seeing them. We live in the north Goni Canyon.

Todd, Carson City

The horses have been in my yard, and I do not think they are a nuisance but rather a wonderful addition to our surroundings, I think we should do everything possible to mitigate the loss of their habitat resulting from the area fires this year.

Alan, Carson City

I feel the horses have here been before we were. We really enjoy them. You're got two choices. You can put a fence around your yard. A lot of people have done that and not had any problem with them. I don't fence my yard. I enjoy having them around, and if people don't like the horses around, they can move downtown.

Lee, Carson City

I think the horses should be eliminated from the range. They're not natural to the race. They do a lot of damage. Maybe we could set up a season-type situation like we do with deer and you can harvest a horse any way you happen to want to. Just becuase some people keep them as pets and choose to have them around does not mean that nature can support this large animal on our range.

Larry, Carson City

I think the wild horses are a national treasure that should be protected. We protect endangered bugs and plants. Don't these magnificent animals deserve the protection too? If they are causing a problem in town, they should be rounded up and relocated to a less populated area. There is a lot of BLM land here which cattle roam free on. Cattle can share this land with the horses because the land belongs to all of us, not just the cattlemen. Laws should be changed to make it a felony to maim or kill a wild horse or to kill or to sell one to slaughter after it has been adopted out. And more state money should be allocated for the protection of these animals. It would be a great loss to all of us to lose these beautiful creatures.

Doreen, Jacks Valley

I think when they're in town it's a danger to them and others. However, it is not true as Mr. Iverson said that the facility is full. I go to Palomino Valley almost twice a week. and the facility is probably not even near half full. So someone should question Mr. Iverson on this or go out and take a look for yourself and just see what the status of the wild horse facility is.

Frank, Gardnerville

They're part of our heritage. They belong to this country, and we the people are pushing them out of existence. So why don't some of these people just relax a little bit and leave the poor horses alone.

Norman, Carson City


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