Your two cents: dress code

I think they should be dressing appropriately for an image for the children to look up to and perhaps the teachers who have special projects could hit the thrift stores and maybe check out clothing there that is not as costly. Kmart and Wal-mart also have denim jeans and things like that that are under $10, and maybe if they want to wear jeans, they can wear black which are a lot dressier than blue.


I think it's about time we had a dress code for the teachers. The women teachers seem quite decent. It's the men who dress so sloppy. They underdress even the kids. It's about time the men became professional in their outlook as well as their mental outlook.

Larry, Dayton

Teachers who are proud of their profession and who have self-esteem should already adhere to a personal dress code. Children respond positively to well dressed teachers, and students also need to have a dress code. Teachers are role models for our children who are our future. Well dressed on the outside shows caring, consideration and compassion on the inside.

Beverly, Carson City

I definitely believe teachers should have a dress code. Possibly they would gain more respect and set a better example. That's the way I feel.

Carol, Dayton

Of course teachers should have a dress code, and they should also have good posture and be mature and don't act like the kids.

Ken, Gardnerville

I think the teachers should have a dress code and perhaps also the children too depending on the school situation. I know that's probably being discussed, but anyway, I certainly agree with the dress code because I think there needs to be a little more respect shown, and showing respect for your job also involves dressing properly for it.

Nicky, Carson City

I believe this is something that's absolutely necessary, and if teachers want some respect in the classroom and want discipline along with it, this should be part of a rule set up by the administration or the school board.

William, Carson City

Sweatshirts and blue jeans worn by teachers? What a shame. I thought teachers had some sort of dress code. I also thought we had a curriculum at one time, and of course I thought the students recited the Pledge of Allegiance very day. What is wrong with these people? Can't they discipline themselves? Watch out,teachers. Soon we'll have rules making you accountable for not teaching our children. Come on, shape up.

Larry, Carson City

I believe the teachers should have a dress code. I feel a few of them run around looking like absolute slobs. Their intent should not be to be a part of the student body but to be above it. One of the comments in the paper was some young lady said it was easier to identify with a teacher if he's dressed down. She did not believe they should have to dress up. I think that's just part of the problem. The kids should look up to the teachers as role models and leaders. I think a dress code would help.

John, Carson City

I do not feel that it's right for the teachers to have a dress code when the students don't appear to have one; the big baggy pants, the sloppy sweatshirts and everything else. Until students step up and have a dress code, I don't think teachers should have one either.

Mike, Carson City

Teachers should have to dress professionally. I'm happy to see that a dress code will be instituted. It would be nice to see our superintendent appear in a blazer or suit jacket when he appears at his school board meetings.

Marie, Carson City


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