Worth reading: More good outdoors books

Here's a couple of more outdoors-related books that are definitely worth reading:

- ''The Quest for the World Record Bass,'' by Bart Crabb, ProStar Publications ($14.95)

It has been more than 65 years since George Perry caught his world record largemouth bass in Georgia. Yet, thousands of sport fisherman are still trying to break this record.

Crabb's book includes profiles on the individual states that stock Florida largemouth bass, including a history of the stocking programs and state record catches.

There is also a summary of lakes for the individual states that have the potential to land a world, state or line class record.

Included in the book is a section on why rules and regulations are written. There are also interviews with anglers who have caught as many as 50 bass weighing 12 pounds or more.

- ''Bobs, Brush and Brittanies,'' by Joel Vance, Lyons & Burford Publishers, ($22)

Vance is one of America's most widely read writers on gun dogs and bird hunting. Like his other books, Vance lets his readers become part of the story.

And believe me, this guy can tell a story. He's been ''chasing'' quail for 50 years. He is a gifted storyteller. His latest book is a discourse on good bird dogs, cherished hunting buddies and the magic of the hunt.

''Bobs, Brush and Brittanies'' is filled with useful information, such as Vance's recommended dog training methods, his favorite guns and other practical field information.


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