Vinyl products popular for construction

The growing use of extruded vinyl forms in construction is , prompting major expansion plans for the manufacturing facility now operated in Sparks by Royal Sierra Extrusions.

"You've seen those new white rail fences that look like they've just been painted? Well, they'll never need painting, because we make them," said Randy Wronzberg, vice president of operations in charge of the Sparks Plant, which plans to relocate and expand into Storey County next year.

"We also make the profiles (extruded channels) used by most of the major manufacturers of vinyl-framed windows. We also make a vinyl deck that's extremely popular in California," he said.

Wronzberg said innovative uses for vinyl products are responsible for parent company Royal Group Technologies' expansions in 100 plants throughout the world.

"We have combined vinyl and concrete components into a system called the Royal Building System, which offers unique advantages.

"We had 40 homes built with the system in the first two years we were in Antigua. When Hurricane Hugo hit, there were 40 homes left standing on Antigua - ours," he said. "In the next year we sold 200 there."

He said the system is now being marketed in storm-prone areas of Florida, with the earthquake-prone portions of California next in line.

Once building code requirements are satisfied, the system will be used to build the new plant in Storey County, he said.

Royal Sierra's are the decking and fence components that have received ISO 9001 certification, a recognition of strict adherence to quality, size and other specification standards that engineers use as a reference for design.

"People who have installed a deck or fence of our materials really appreciate it. There's no painting, it cleans up with a spray from a hose, there's no splinters or popped nails. And when the hot sun shines on it, it stays cool," Wronzberg said.

Royal Sierra's current output from the Sparks plant goes mainly to California, he said, though some commercial fencing companies in Northern Nevada carry it. The company's decking is sold in the west as Sierra Deck.

He said the company recovers construction scraps from commercial clients and recycles the plastic. The plants also recycle much of the water used in processing.


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