Victory Christian Center opens doors

The Reverends George and Marlene Wendell of Victory Christian Center have opened their new church at 300 Hot Springs Road. The Wendells founded Victory Christian Church six years ago.

The property has a church sanctuary with plenty of room for children and youth ministries. It is a Charismatic Word of Faith church and their focus is on Holy Spirit-inspired preaching and teaching from God's Word and ministering to the spiritual needs of families.

"We've been looking for about six months for property," said Marlene Wendell.

"We had been leasing from the Seventh Day Adventist Church for more than four years, which was wonderful. But we were always having to move equipment, set up the rooms for the children's ministries. It was a lot of work."

Also, with the name of the church being on the marquee only one day a week, Wendell believes the growth of the church may have been inhibited.

"The first year we founded the church we leased meeting rooms from the Carson City Community Center. There our name was only out to the public one day a week also. It's made a huge difference to be available more than just on Sundays. We're really excited about this whole move."

Added to the church's ministries in January were Joe and Julie Gallegos, who lead the children's ministries. Children's ministries are for ages six months to nine years. "They've been full-time since January. It's great to have them with us. They both have real wonderful hearts for children's ministries."

In addition to the Gallegoses is Jerry Romero, youth minister of the 10- to 18-year-old age group for junior and senior high school students.

"We are blessed," said George Wendell. "God has sent us these tremendous people, and their talents."

George Wendell recently returned from Romania, where he accompanied a Feed the Children International Ministry's medical team for two weeks. On the trip was a medical staff of 24 that included doctors, nurses and dental assistants. Other volunteers and support helpers totaled the team to 36. Wendell was the only full-time minister with the team.

"Rumanians are a lovely people - and they love Americans. They openly received the Word of God and I personally led 1,391 people to decisions for Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We handed out 2,500 Bibles to the people."

While preaching, a Greek Orthodox priest, who neither spoke nor understood English, became upset with Wendell thinking he was causing an uproar and upsetting the people. Through an interpreter, Wendell explained he was preaching the Word of God and his plan of redemption. The priest became so excited and appreciative, he hugged Wendell and kissed him on the cheek.

"Biblically, a kiss on the cheek is a sign of unity. This was an overwhelming feeling and response for me."

The medical team attended to the physical and spiritual needs of more than 10,000 patients in the two weeks they were in Romania. They filled prescriptions and fitted more than 2,000 with glasses, in addition to extracting more than 2,200 teeth.

Along with Wendell, several of the team members were invited to a reception at the home of the U.S. Ambassador James C. Rosapepe and his wife, Sheilah, in Bucharest. In a private conversation with Wendell, Rosapepe expressed his appreciation and encouragement for the work done by the medical team for the people of Romania.

Victory Christian Center supports missionaries and evangelists around the world in their vision to reach and touch people with the gospel in addition to reaching out and touching people in the greater Carson City area.

"I look forward to taking members of my own congregation to Romania next year. It is a priority," said Wendell. "I most definitely want them to experience the love these people have for Americans. The whole trip will change their lives. It is a growing experience."


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