Turn lanes may be added to state roads

MIINDEN - State transportation officials are planning to revamp the Airport Road-Highway 395 intersection and add a second turn lane for motorists leaving Highway 88 to head north on 395.

The work isn't scheduled to happen until 2000, but Douglas County leaders on Thursday are expected to approve a county contribution of $16,000 for construction of the new turn lane at Highway 88.

According to a Nevada Department of Transportation memo, Airport Road is to become a "High T" intersection, with increased deceleration lanes for cars leaving the highway, an acceleration lane for southbound traffic and a median to direct the traffic. The changes would be similar to those made where Johnson Lane and Stephanie Way meet the highway.

The memo notes the location has been the site of several accidents, which justifies the changes. The project is now being designed, it says, and is included with overall plans to repave Highway 395 from Carson City to Tenth Street in Minden.

The addition of the turn lane from Highway 88 is being added at the request of county offcials. A recent traffic study indicated that a second left turn lane for traffic leaving Highway 88 is justified.

State officials agreed to do the work if the county would pay some of the cost, and the county has offered to pay 20 percent, or $16,000, toward the estimated $80,000 price. The county money would come from the 4-cent gas tax the county currently collects.

County commission approval for the plan is expected Thursday. The item is on the board's consent agenda, which is generally approved without extensive discussion.


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