Tiebreakers the story for week 6 of Pro Picks contest

The lucky number was 11 for Week 6 of the Pro Picks contest at both the Pinon Plaza and the Carson Station. It took 11 Sunday winners just to get into the Monday night tiebreaker, and Carson City residents captured first place at both hotel/casinos.

-- Carson Station winner Oneita Wilkins won $250 for her effort and the first year player says it wasn't luck.

"I keep up with the NFL, follow the odds and everything else and I go for the teams that are winning," said Wilkins, who is 52 and was born in Waco, Texas. "The notorious Waco. My husband Sammy - he plays the contest too - and I moved here from Waco in June. We've been married 32 years and he works for McNatt Construction in Carson City."

Wilkins is a teacher at the Adventure Christian Center in Carson City and the couple have two children and three grandchildren. Her plans for her winnings are simple.

"I'll put the money in the bank and pay bills with it," she said while laughing. "I may not win again, but this week happened to be my week and I'll try to win again next week."

Carson City's Steve Guinasso took second at the Station and won $150 and third place and $100 went to Minden's Steve Alltizer. There were 1,105 entries at the Station.

-- Pinon Plaza winner Ray Bregdon is in his second year playing and this is his first win also.

"Never even a second or third before this," said the thrilled winner of $250. "I have my system. I pick my favorite teams and then try to pick the best team for the other games. It worked this week."

Bregdon is 56 and was born in Oakland. He and his wife of 34 years, Gloria, have a son and daughter and six grandchildren. He works for Applegate Trucking.

"They're out of Sacramento and I run K-Mart or J.C. Penney loads for them," he said. "I've been with them three years. I'm retired from NDOT. I was an equipment technician for them for 30 years. As for my winnings, I'll give it to my wife."

Second place at the Plaza and $150 was won by Carson City's Jerry Ord and third place and $100 went to Carson's E.C. Cowan.

There were 1,084 entries at the Plaza.

-- Free entry forms are published daily in the Nevada Appeal Sports section. Complete rules are published every Friday and Sunday. Winners can claim their prize money today at the gift shop where they won after 10 a.m.


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