Telltale signs of fibbing fishermen

In an article published recently on the Outdoor Page of the Nevada Appeal, Boating Magazine provided some telltale signs on how to catch a fibbing fisherman.

According to that article, how do you know when is a fish story is a fish story?

Well, according to Dr. Alan Hirsh of Chicago's Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center, look for these telltale clues:

- Blinking less often than usual, or looking away right after eye contact.

- Scratching, rubbing, or touching the nose, ears, or face.

- Excessive smiling, grinning, insincere grimacing, or laughing inappropriately.

- Sudden use of qualifiers/modifiers such as ''ordinarily'' and ''usually.''

- A preoccupation with objects in the area like fishing lures.

- Pause fillers like ''uh'' and ''um,'' stuttering, throat clearing and lip licking.

According to Don Quilici, outdoor editor for the Nevada Appeal, "Geez, those fibbing characteristics perfectly describe my two fishing partners Norm Budden and Bob "Slick" McCulloch of Carson City. Is it possible that they could be fibbers?"


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