Tahoe Rim Trail earns designation

WASHINGTON - First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton is expected to announce today that the Tahoe Rim Trail is one of 50 Millennium Legacy Trails.

"Not only will this designation give the Tahoe Rim Trail and Lake Tahoe Basin greater visibility around the country, it will also open the door to enhanced funding for the trail," said Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev.

The Millennium Trails is a national program that will celebrate, recognize and be a catalyst for creating trails to honor the past and imagine the future as part of America's legacy for the year 2000. The Tahoe Rim Trail is only one from 47 states and three jurisdictions

"As those of us who have experienced it know, the Tahoe Rim Trail provides perhaps the most breathtaking views in all the Lake Tahoe Basin," he said Wednesday.

The designation is symbolic, based on heritage and excellence, and comes with no added regulatory burden.


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