Stateline project will not be reconsidered

STATELINE - A controversial Douglas County project near Burke Creek, Lake Village and Stateline's Burger King will not be reconsidered by the lake's planning agency.

The project, denied in September, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency's board could not agree with the findings its staff had made regarding the South Shore Estates project. The agency's board asked for a reconsideration of that vote, saying agency staff had not had adequate time for rebuttal.

The regional planning agency's governing board, with a split vote, denied the proposal.

The developer first proposed the project in late 1997 as a 44-unit development, but he has since changed the plans to 26. The developer and the project's proponents have maintained that the potential impacts of the project will be more than mitigated, with measures such as restoring Burke Creek.

Opponents have disagreed. The League to Save Lake Tahoe has urged that a comprehensive environmental review be completed.


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