Senior Service Network still looking for help a year later

A network set up a year ago is finally to a point where it can start to make a difference, Senior Service Network President Ramona Hayes said.

The small but determined group of senior service providers have joined forces to enhance support to older adults in Carson Country.

"We're very excited about the direction this group is taking," said Hayes. "The group has been meeting for about a year, but it has become so much more than networking."

Calling themselves the Senior Service Network, the group hopes to create and strengthen cooperative working relationships among local service providers. However, their mission also includes the development of a medical equipment loan program and sponsorship of an annual information and wellness fair for seniors.

Fund-raisers like the Spring Fling have brought in extra money, Hayes said. Donations for the medical equipment loan program have already started arriving at The Meeting Place, an adult day care center.

Hayes said, "Our current membership is committed to taking steps to fill some needs we see in this community."

The primary concern voiced by the providers was to make sure that the elderly persons have their medication, she said.

There was enough concern among senior service providers that they came together a year ago. There are a total of 16 people from health care, long-term care, and day care providers involved in the committee.

"It was enough of a problem for the major players in the senior field to come together to form this committee," she said. "As senior providers, we're not out to profit on this."

There is currently a wheelchair in the front lobby of The Meeting Place waiting for someone who needs it, she said.

Hayes said, "Anyone who knows of someone in need of medical equipment who cannot obtain it through Medicare or another source should call and inquire. We'd like to hear from people who have equipment to donate as well."


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