Scamsters foiled in attempt

Two potential scamsters had the tables turned on them Wednesday when they tried to rip off a 74-year-old Carson City man.

Mike Conrad said two women, one in her '40s the other in her '60s, came into his mobile home in the Frontier Mobile Village in North Carson and tried to distract him while they went for his money clip.

What they got was a good Conrad toungue-lashing.

"I sat down after I saw her and said, 'Now give me the g--damned money,"' he said. "Then I said, 'Get your g--damned asses out of here.'"

Conrad, who has two prosthetic legs, said the women came to the sliding glass door of his home claiming they were interested in buying his car.

When he told them the car was not for sale, one woman asked for a glass of water to take some medication. While he was reaching in the refrigerator, he saw the younger woman reaching for the bill clip.

"They figured I was just an old goat that doesn't know how to do anything," he said. "The truth is I'm an old goat that does know how to do something."

When he confronted the women, the younger one quickly gave him back the cash and they both left, accidentally leaving behind a prescription medication bottle with a name on it. Conrad called the Carson City Sheriff's Department.

"The police officers looked so surprised when I said I would press charges," joked Conrad. "Nowadays, I guess you just get away with that sort of thing."


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