Readers respond to need for tax cuts

What we need instead of a tax cut is a complete reform of the tax system. Abolish the IRS and establish a flat tax. This is the only fair tax. Unfortunately, the hard-working middle class with families is paying most of the taxes. It's time for a change.

Tony, Carson City

Taxes are the reason it takes both husband and wife to make ends meet. Back in 1950, we were paying 2 percent in federal taxes. Now we're paying over 50 percent of our income in federal, state and local taxes. In San Francisco, they are worrying about a picayune ATM charge. Talk about being dumbed down. Do we need tax relief? Hell no.

Don, Carson City

I believe we need a tax cut because I do believe at this time the government is taking away too much money from the working people and squandering it on social programs that never work.

Don, Carson City

We need a tax cut just about as much as we need a minimum wage hike.

Larry, Carson City

No, we cannot have it both ways. Social Security and Medicare must come first or we'll be in trouble.

Rose, Carson City

Yes, we should have a tax cut now, another in March 2001 and so on until everyone pays equally. And along with the tax cuts, we should have spending cuts. This Robin Hood outlook of taking from those who work and giving to those who don't work must stop.

Larry, Carson City

Yes, I think we need a tax cut. Isn't it about time the people who earn the money get to keep more of it? I think Americans are tired of the sheer waste of taxpayer money to say nothing of the many useless and expensive programs and pork barrel politics the taxes are used for. If politicians want more money, why are they so afraid to increase casino taxes? They haven't had a tax increase for many years. For sure they can afford it. No one can ever say they overpay their employees, most of whom get minimum wage which also brings me to say they need to

increase the minimum wage as people cannot live on it.

Doreen, Jacks Valley

Yes, I believe we should have a tax cut. It stimulates and keeps the economy going. It is second in nature to having complete tax law revisions. What we really need is to change the present taxation system.

Ed, Carson City


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