Plea made in domestic battery case

A Carson City man pleaded guilty in judicial court Tuesday to domestic battery as part of a deal with prosecutors that dropped a deadly weapons charge originally leveled against him.

Luis Coccio, 22, was arrested Oct. 11 after he reportedly cut his wife's left arm with a knife, struck her with a shoe and whipped her with an electrical cord.

The arrest report also indicated that the arresting officer observed red marks and bruises that were consistent with her story.

As a result of his plea agreement, Coccio was ordered to serve two days of jail time, give 48 hours of community service, take domestic violence counseling and have no contact with his wife or children.

The sentence was coupled with a previous conviction that had a suspended sentence of 45 days. When Coccio failed to meet the agreement which included 80 hours of community service, he was ordered to serve the 45 days, 15 of which have been served since his arrest.

Coccio will serve the remaining 30 days of that sentence before he is able to start serving time on the domestic battery conviction.

Judge John Tatro refused Coccio's request to serve his time on weekends and commented on the victim's refusal to participate in Coccio's prosecution.

"I'm sure she's not here because she's afraid to be here," he said. "You treated her like an animal. Most people wouldn't whip their dog with an electrical cord."


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