Ormsby House doing much for charities

I just want to let the people who are running the Ormsby House know that I

appreciate the great job that they are doing to help our Carson City community and the various local groups that have been invited and encouraged to raise money with the Ormsby House's help.

One of the things that Mike and Jeanette Hymes and Bob Cashell have done is

help various local groups by holding the Haunted House inside the Ormsby

House (this is their second year of doing that)!

This year they raised over $63,000 for the non-profit groups that helped

make the Haunted House the very best Haunted House in the United States

(according to a few visitors from as far away as New York City and Chicago

and Orlando)!

It was such a great Haunted House, that there were different people who went through it as many as five times (that I personally know of)!

And the fireworks that were put on during Nevada Day were the most

spectacularthat I have every seen in person.

Sterling was in charge of "security" at the Haunted House, and this man was

superb in making the Haunted House a safe and friendly place for everyone!

Sterling, in my opinion, deserves a major pat on the back (and more) for the

excellent job that he did in overseeing the Haunted House, even when he was sicker than a dog standing outside in the freezing weather!

There were hundreds of people who made the Haunted House a success and a reality, and they all deserve a community thank you!

To the wonderful people in all of the "rooms" that got to scare the

stuffings out of every person who dared to venture in, you were great and

you were appreciated by the thousands of people who got to go through the

Haunted House!

Thank you, Bob Cashell, Mike and Jeanette Hymes, Lori, Mark, Charlie Keller, and the rest of the great staff and personnel of the Ormsby House, for giving us, the community, something very special, something to be very proud of!

And, thank you to the owners for giving us all a happy Halloween!

Here is hoping that the coming year will be the happiest ever for the people

of the Ormsby House, Carson City, and Nevada!


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