Nurses' union isn't radical, it's logical

I've been a nurse at Carson-Tahoe Hospital for over 16 years. I entered this profession over 25 years ago, I'm still at the bedside, and I still love my job. During my years at C-TH I have often heard nurses say that we should be represented separately from the C-TH employees association. Nurses were always told that they could not split from the association. Nurses recently found out that this was not true and decided to try organizing into a separate union. This isn't a "drastic step," it is a logical change

Bedside nurses (those of us who still do direct patient care) have different issues and needs from other hospital employees. The RNs' contract should reflect their specific job and the conditions in which they are expected to work.

How would you feel about flying if airline pilots worked under the exact contract as the baggage handlers. It doesn't sound logical when you put your life in another persons hands. It is time for a change.


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