Nurses negotiating over patient care

A large group of registered nurses at Carson-Tahoe Hospital are organizing

to seek representation from Local Operating Engineers to help us negotiate

for safer patient care and quality patient care.

The "association" that represents nureses at this time at Carson-Tahoe Hospital does not address these issues when negotiating our contract. Joining the union can help us to get a bigger and louder voice in the legislature to promote bills that would address safe patient-nurse ratios like has been recently done in California for the first time.

The association thinks that all we are interested in is higher pay and better benefits and are talking about re-negotiating our contract earlier than scheduled to help retain the nursing staff as such.

Quality patient care is our main focus! Staffing needs to be addressed for

safe levels. I love my job and I am proud to be a registered nurse at Carson-Tahoe Hospital. These are issues being addressed across the country and the time is now for us locally to fight for what we believe in, and why we became nurses to begin with - to give quality patient care.


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