New judges for year 2000 appointment

WASHINGTON - Nevada will get two new U.S. District Court judgeships in the year 2000, Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev.

"Nevada has not received a new District Court judgeship since 1984," said Reid." This is unacceptable considering that the caseload for the District of Nevada is already considerably higher than the national average. These two new judgeships will help to alleviate that backlog and ensure that Nevadans receive timely access to the Federal Courts."

Reid said that the spending bill which fund the courts and will go to the President Clinton's desk for signing.

"The backlog in the District of Nevada is creating a serious burden on both plaintiffs and defendants, especially civil cases," Reid said. "Last year, the median time between the filing of a civil lawsuit and when the case went to trial exceeded 28 months and in some cases even stretched to more than three years."

As Nevada's senior Senator, Reid will recommend candidates to the president for nomination to the U.S. District Court for Nevada.


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