Much support for Carson senior center

I was appalled by the article in the Nevada Appeal about our senior center. I've been working as a volunteer in several of the programs at the center and have started two over the past 10 years. The staff, both paid and volunteer, have always been helpful and courteous to me, nor have I seen them otherwise to the patrons of the senior center. And they are great with newcomers.

As for the board and advisory committee; 10 years ago, the senior center was in two old small houses hooked together, but with the impetus and foresight of the board and advisory committee, they secured the help of the taxpayers of Carson City who made the new facility possible ... not an easy job. Getting the land and dollars together to make our senior center what it now is took a lot of work and time. And with the active participation of the staff and volunteers, there are now many recreational and exercise programs available.

Since my wife died in May, I eat my noon day meals at the senior center because they are well balanced and taste good. My plate is cleaned. I do eat my spinach when served!

Overall, the people involved in the senior center have done a real fine job. Though there may be a few loose ends, the overall product is excellent, and I'm thankful for their work and the support of the Carson City taxpayers for they all have done well by us seniors.


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