Letter: Ugliest buildings

The vote is in and it's a tie! The two ugliest buildings in Douglas County are right here in Carson Valley.

No. 1. The Minden Medical Center on Ironwood. Not only is this an architectural disaster, an exercise in excess but the overall ugliness is exaggerated by the "coat of many colors". (I suspect that the contractor involved had a number of half-used cans of paint).

This visual pollution was addressed in your editorial and letter pages last year, at which time the building owners said that they would review the color scheme after a year. Well, guess what guys? The year is up and the building is still offensive.

I admit that we need an urgent care facility in the Valley. I feel sick when ever I look at the building.

No. 2 And equal first. The Christian Center on Stephanie Way.

I will not dignify this building by calling it architecture. It has all the appearance of a badly designed industrial building. This affront to good taste is utterly out of character with the rural nature of this community and is an instance of the worst kind of planning blight. The offense is further compounded by the addition of totally unnecessary exterior lighting

in the parking lot, which not only draws attention to the ugliness of the structure but increases the light pollution in this part of the Valley.

My sympathy goes out to those unfortunates who previously enjoyed living in a rural environment. I also trust that the congregation of this church will go down on their knees each Sunday and pray to be granted the gift of aesthetics.

Ken Reid


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