Letter: to Commissioners

Addressed to Douglas County commissioners:

Bob Nunes was quoted in our biweekly propaganda newspapers, since his arrest for an unlawful act, that he would perform at 110 percent in the future, as he had in the past. Let it be understood that 110 percent of zero was and is still a zero.

Also, in an article in the same newspaper, our district attorney was quoted as saying, "There was no favoritism in dismissing the charges against Bob Nunes. If you believe any of this, you might be interested in investing in an oil field in the middle of Lake Tahoe. Then Kelly Kite and Jacques Etchgoyhen had the audacity to laud Bob Nunes for his sub-par performance, but what else could we lowly taxpayers expect since all of you feed from the same trough.

Now that you have squandered $3.5-million on the North County redevelopment scam, you say there is a need for more taxes. If you would eliminate the tax dollar waste, such as the road department, which is incompetent, ineffective and a millstone on the backs of taxpayers, then there would be no need for asking for more taxes and in fact, in all fairness, there should be a reduction in taxes.

It is understandable Bernie Curtis was very instrumental in procuring for Bob Nunes the position of community development director and Bob Nunes' so-called "iron clad contract."

I want to explain something, especially to Steve Weissinger and Kelly Kite, that there are other gratuities to politicians and bureaucrats other than special interest groups and persons stuffing money into our elected officials' and bureaucrats' pockets.

I've not mentioned Don Miner because it is impossible to say something about nothing.

You know or should know there are problems in Douglas County, and if you do nothing to resolve these issues, you become part of the problem(s).

In closing, let it be known taxpayers are not obligated to sustain and maintain this Douglas County bureaucratic welfare system that is in place and ever growing.




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