Letter: to churches

To all churches in this area:

Do you know that the convalescent centers, retirement centers and care centers in this area are in need of church services for their residents as they cannot leave to attend church?

For the last 10 years or more, Bruce Coulter of New Hope Baptist Church has seen to it with the help of a couple from the Wesleyan Church and some others from the churches in Gardnerville that a church service has been provided for Carson Convalescent, Sierra Convalescent, Dayton Retirement and Cottonwood in Gardnerville every week. The two in Carson City are on Sunday afternoons, the one in Dayton is Monday mornings and the one in Cottonwood is Friday mornings.

He provides hymn singing for the shut-ins and someone to give a short message to them as well as special music from those who help him.

What I don't understand is why aren't all the churches in this area willing to offer help in this area on a weekly basis? If all the churches would send out a minister, musicians and helpers, more centers would receive a service and the burden wouldn't fall on one person trying to help everyone because he has a real love for the Lord and reaching the lost and shut-ins.

I help every Sunday with Bruce as I work all week, and if I were retired, I would be at the Dayton center and Cottonwood with him. The elderly are a loving bunch of people who deserve to be treated better and to know they are loved and most of all that Jesus loves them.

If you would like to help us in this area but don't know how to start or need some help in getting coordinated on getting involved in this ministry, please call Bruce at 882-0730, and he will be happy to give you the guidelines you need to get involved.

I challenge all churches that read this article to get involved in helping with the elderly and to help win souls for Jesus.


New Hope Baptist Church


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