Letter: Soetje dogs

George Soetje owned a pack of dogs. One of those dogs was a wolf. The wolf and his owner, George, had many encounters with innocent people and pets that dared step in their path or were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Responding to a complaint about George's dogs, an animal control officer allegedly was attacked while George watched. George worked diligently with his legal representation to find any legal loophole to slither through. Exercising every legal bag of tricks George found ways to get off and make a mockery of the legal system and the victims. Unfortunately, the wolf encountered another victim, but this one literally closer to home.

George's granddaughter was visiting George at his home. Granddaughter was attacked and mauled by the wolf in George's own backyard. Granddaughter required extensive medical surgeries to put her back together. City required the wolf to be put down. George chose to defend his wolf stating that his granddaughter should have known better than to try to take a bone from the wolf while engaged in chewing it.

Still not "getting it," George pled to save his wolf from being put down. Meanwhile, granddaughter was in the hospital enduring unimaginable pain to try to restore herself as her loved ones once knew her. George made an appearance on Channel 10 to voice the injustice that he and his wolf had faced.

Now enters a new chapter of the Soetje Saga. George's son Ed has filed a claim against the Carson City Animal Services in the sum of $770,000 for neglecting to remove the dog from his father George's custody. Throwing darts at the wrong dart board is not going to blur the facts, Ed. George, your dad is solely responsible for the horrible experience you have been through with your daughter. Placing accountability where it belongs might jolt your dad into realizing that being a negligent pet owner has consequence. I pray that George someday will "get it." Human life and the community's safety far exceed a negligent pet owner's right. Ed, by filing your claim against the Animal Services, you are placing blame where it does not belong. Show George that you do "get it" and serve him the papers.


Carson City


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