Letter: sidewalks

My husband and I do considerable walking around Carson City and note that many of the existing sidewalks in Carson City are in need of replacement due to deterioration. Many have not been replaced or repaired due to the high cost of doing so (at the homeowner's expense) and the seeming lack of city interest to have sidewalks replaced.

Many residents may not be aware that the city has a new policy on replacement of existing sidewalks that went into effect about three months ago. The city will now participate in sidewalk replacement to the extent that they will do the repair and bill the homeowner for only one-half the cost of repair.

With the number of damaged sidewalks in and around the older areas of downtown Carson, let's hope that this will encourage homeowners to replace those damaged sidewalks (which also might be the subject of lawsuits in the event of accidental falls).


Carson City


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