Letter: police can't protect us

I read two articles in your paper today that sickened me.

The first was about a woman who had seven restraining orders against her ex and told the cops many times she feared for her life and now that she has

been murdered they want to form committees and spend tons of money to find out what's wrong with the system!

The second was about a teenage kid that that is too young to hold a job

at a legal business who was killed because the cops put his life on the line,

I'm sure they threatened him with life in prison to get him to "cooperate,"

but that's OK because they were the cops! But just in case the people don't

agree the state legislature found a solution, which is to get an OK from a

judge before putting a kids life on the line. That'll it make it all right!

The problem is the police work to serve and protect the government! not

the people! This is not the fault of the police. It is common knowledge that

the police can do NOTHING to protect the citizens. They can look for the

murderer after the fact, though.

We can only thank the liberal puke peddling government and media for

that! Which are the very same people that prevented this woman from owning a gun to be able to protect herself!

Where were all you puke peddling liberals when this woman needed


I hope you all are very proud of yourselves!


Carson City


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