Letter: on Bernstein

I would personally like to address the comments made by Democrat Ed

Bernstein in the Oct. 19 front page article "Vegas lawyer files paperwork for Senate bid."

Mr. Bernstein in his comment addressing Republican John Ensign says "The people of this state are becoming increasingly concerned that John Ensign does not share their values." I am afraid Mr. Bernstein could not be further from the truth.

Mr. Bernstein is correct in mentioning that Sen. Harry Reid barely survived a challenge from Mr. Ensign in 1998 as well as the fact that the union leaders unsuccessfully targeted Mr. Ensign when he won a second term in Congress in 1996. Obviously Mr. Bernstein has missed the obvious! The values Mr. Ensign stands for and upholds are values that many Nevadans applaud and will fight to continue to uphold in our state.

Mr. Bernstein, it says, has never sought an elective office in Nevada, and personally I think that is a good thing. Until Mr. Bernstein understands that as an elected politician, he is to represent truly what the people want, he should refrain from public office. I believe Mr. Bernstein is radically wrong as to what the people of the state of Nevada want. I don't care who might encourage him to run for office, the president on down, he would certainly not get my vote or the votes of thousands of Nevadans because it will be Mr. Ensign, whose values we share, that will.


Carson City


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