Letter: Jarbidge

What this Jarbidge is all about is just another land grab by the federal government. They, this time it is the U.S. Forest Service, using the guise of a fish, a bull trout? With the aid of the environmental whackos, they find a plant or wild animal and deem it either unique to the area or endangered. And in most cases, none of this is true. Has anybody ever seen the list of these endangered species such as the primrose, beetles (we call them stink bugs). A desert rat in the Mojave Desert in California was fortuitously discovered so thousands of acres of public land were put under lock and key. Another fish, in Tennessee, was found on the endangered list because some enterprising, ambitious group of people was building a bridge across a river. Most of these public lands that are now called government land are in California. I believe this movement started in California. This movement has been going on for, I really don't know how long but I will take a wild guess, about 20 years, at a deadly pace. So now the movement is in Nevada. They take a bite here, a bite there and pretty soon they have the whole pie. The name of the game is: control the land, you control the people.

The forest service and BLM are the agencies controlling our lands. And they are armed. Did you know that?

This woman, Gloria Flora, forest supervisor, hasn't a clue as to why people are furious and angry at this government takeover. I think these government people live in another world.

So what is next? What is next is the registration of guns. Then the confiscation of all guns. Then that is complete control. Where is this headed? How about to the New World Order?


Carson City


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