Letter: fed bashing

"Forest boss in bull trout flap quits." Interesting headline! But wait, there's more! Ms. Flora cites as the reason for quitting her post as the "hostility and distrust" toward federal employees in our state. She further comments that fed-bashing is a sport...yada, yada, yada.

Let us put things in perspective.

Fed-bashing is a sport everywhere. That includes the United States and every other country in the world. It is quite possible that the sport is justified. Federal governments, by their very nature, are arbitrary bodies without apparent regard for the people they are formed to serve. They break the laws they are sworn to uphold. They make decisions based on the policy of the day as opposed to laws and statutes. I simply can't imagine why "We the people" would get upset.

As for Ms. Flora, she is guilty of the worst transgression of all. She is a quitter. We all know the type ... either you play by my rules or I'll take my ball and go home. Rather than work with the public to arrive at a suitable solution, this person would rather rant and rave about what bad citizens we are.

Her title of Forest Service supervisor is an apt one, the key word being "supervisor." Obviously, this person knows nothing about management, public relations, compromise or even people. We all know that type too. I'm the boss so I'm right and the rest of you are stupid.

Well, Ms. Flora, Forest Service supervisor, quit. My advice to her is to find a job as a clerk in a convenience store or something equally challenging. Because if she ever puts an application across my desk, I promise it will end up in the round file. You see, I equate quitters with losers. After reading the comment made by her boss, I think he does, too.

By the way, I know all about fed-bashing. You see, I retired after 35 years with the federal government. I didn't always agree with the policy of the day, and I paid a price for that disagreement. I always tried to work with and help my customers find solutions to problems. I learned early on that compromise was the name of the game.

Most important of all, I never quit.


Carson City


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